Our Kids’ Story Time has gone on hiatus for a little while. We plan on bringing it back soon, so let us know if there is a day and time that work especially well for your schedule.


Waldo30It’s that time of year again. Time to Find Waldo Local! Starting Saturday, July 1st and running throughout the month of July, you can pick up a passport here or at any local business. Find Waldo at those businesses, get a stamp, and turn in your passport to be entered into the drawing for fabulous prizes. We’ll have the prizes displayed in the window all month, so you can stop by and drool and keep yourself motivated. To wrap it all up, we’ll be hosting a party on Sunday, July 30th at 3:00 pm. We’ll have treats and activities and hold the prize drawing. You don’t need to be present to win, but did you miss the part where treats were mentioned? Who wants to pass up free treats?


Invisible Lizard cover

On Thursday, August 17th at 2:00pm, beloved local author Kurt Cyrus will be at the Farmer’s Market to share his latest book, Invisible Lizard, which is the story of Napoleon the chameleon. Despite being the spiffiest chameleon in the jungle, he has no friends. And why is that? Because no one can see him! As everyone knows, chameleons blend in with their surroundings. Napoleon is practically invisible. So he tries every trick he can think of, from waving his arms to weaving a welcome mat to making funny faces, to get the other jungle animals to see him. But it’s his final trick that really gets him noticed.



On Monday, August 21st, we will experience a solar eclipse. We have all your pre-eclipse goodies, from books to viewing glasses and even stickers and hats. Come by and stock up before the rush. Plus, on Saturday, August 19th at 11:00am, we will have a special Story and Activity Time for budding astronomers where we’ll learn more about what an eclipse is and get everyone excited for Monday.